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Fat Vampire by Adam Rex

February 25, 2011

Fat Vampire is about this kid that was bit by a vampire. When you are bit, you will keep whatever form you have for all eternity, never changing. This kid, Doug, was bit when he was a fat nerdy kid. He will always be a fat nerdy kid. Most times chicks don’t like the nerdy kids. He does not have an easy time getting human blood, so he steals from a blood bank at a comic convention and tries to feed from a panda… which didn’t go too well either. He is hunted by a famous vampire hunter, tries to fall in love with a foreign exchange student and attempts to be a typical teen… and try not to eat his friend.

I would recommend this book for anyone that likes reading vampire books. This is one of a kind. Well worth it.

Reviewed by Indya H.

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