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The Long Wait for Tomorrow by Joaquin Dorfman

May 13, 2011

Patrick Saint and Kelly McDerrmott were brought together by their love of playing football. Kelly was the one who called the shots. Star of the high school football team, his girlfriend is the hottest cheerleader. Kelly can do no wrong. Patrick is getting tired of how perfect everything is for Kelly, but when the whole football team terrorizes the dorky, studious Edmund, things have hit a new low. After that Kelly wakes up not “himself.” The newfangled Kelly actually cares about Patrick, has habits that he has never had before such as smoking and playing pool. Patrick cannot believe the changes in his best friend. Kelly is flawed, and is having memory issues that have never happened before but when Kelly says he is in a mental institution and is forty years old, what will Patrick believe? What will his best friend do? How can he prevent it from happening?

I liked this book because it is about teen life, a situation that is done over and over, but has a new twist. I didn’t like how it took a while for the plot to hit the climax. Just as I was getting bored, however, the plot grabbed my attention. I think this book is geared to teenagers or young adult because it has understandable situations targeted for that audience. I believe other people would enjoy the book because it is about a simple twist of fate that changes the lives of two teenagers.

Reviewed by Gerri K.

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