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ReVamped By Lucienne Diver

May 16, 2011

ReVamped by Lucienne Diver is the continuation of her first book Vamped. At the beginning, our sassy, sarcastic and very fashionable heroine, Gina, is faced with the worse dilemma she has ever had to deal with. She has to become a GOTH!!!!  OMG!!!!! But don’t worry. It was for a good reason. If you remember from the last book, Gina and her group of vamps were approached by the Feds and were offered to work for them. Well, they said yes. And now Gina has to dress like a Goth for the assignment they gave to her, which is to infiltrate a high school where some of the students are totally PMSing and find out why. And the worse thing about the assignment is that she can’t hang out with her hot, sexy and powerful boyfriend, Bobby. As she searches, she makes new friends that she knows she has to give up, meets new and old enemies, and ends up facing two betrayals she didn’t see coming. And when she finds out why the strangeness is happening at this high school, she is horrified and knows that no matter what she has to save those students.

I would recommend this book because it is funny and you will fall in love with the characters. I liked it. It was funny and it sucked me in since the first paragraph. I loved how no matter what situation Gina was in, she could give you a witty and sassy comment for just about anything and how she could make a bad situation in to a funny one and she has an awesome fashion sense. If you lived the first book, then you will love this one.  Middle school and high school girls should probably read this.    Reviewed By Jessica J.

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