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The Blending Time by Michael Kinch

May 19, 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hey Forest here with another book review!

So this one in a nut shell is how Future Africa can’t make any more babies. And WW3 just finished and the world is now in kind of “remnants” (but not quite like Fall Out), Now just saying that may peak your interest, but I have a problem with this book. One, is that they have made up lingo and culture. Now given that I don’t expect them in 2069 to have the same lingo as us, but it seems at times to try too hard, or to revert to what we use now. Like the term “S’teener”, I don’t even know how to read that! Another problem, is that in this book it seems a bit obsessed with the idea of the main female role being raped. Now I don’t know what it’s like, but I don’t like how it’s just every turn it’s the same thing. Does she wear like a skirt that like a strip of cloth or something? Finally I would say the thing that really separated me  from this book was how alien Michael made it, I understand it’s a whole new world, but it is just difficult to understand and relate to some of the characters problems. They have problems that would be common for people of this age. You don’t see them as people but rather rag dolls in this whole ordeal. I really like to relate to my protagonists as it makes them more than just characters in my eyes, so when tragedy strikes you feel it as if was your friend going through it. That kind of feeling in your gut when expensive china breaker and you cringe.

Long story short, if you are in dire need of something “new” this will satisfy the need, but for any person who likes run of the mill, events after WW3 I would say a pass, but the whole part of the story where the explain “Africa can no has babies!”, I kinda chuckled as Michael doesn’t know exactly what he’s talking about when he talks about genes and what makes them change.

(can always use more cowbell!)

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