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A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford

June 9, 2011

Eden and Az meet, but Az is not an ordinary boy by any means. There is just something different about him. Soon Eden finds out that Az is a half fallen angel. Then Az finds out that Eden is just a mortal with no path. In other words destined to commit suicide, after these mortals die they become known as Siders. However Eden is not a normal Sider. Az wants to go back to heaven but on his terms not theirs. Many of the fallen angels are after Az to get him to fall completely. They start to do whatever is necessary to get him to join, and that includes hurting people he loves. He is in a constant struggle to fight and protect Eden. The big question is will Az and Eden survive?

This is one of the strangest books I have read. However it was really good, kind of dark. The plot is a lot different than most other books. It’s not just a sappy love story, but a story with a deeper plot in figuring out what life is about for each individual. This was Leah Clifford’s first book and I am excited for the next in this trilogy.

Review by Brandi B.

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